PROLIVO fungicide provides excellent preventive control of Powdery Mildew in several crops, including pumpkins. What makes PROLIVO especially innovative is that it offers additional disease protection of untreated leaf and fruit surfaces through redistribution on the leaf surface and vapor activity. Click here to learn more about PROLIVO 300SC fungicide.

Source: Sally Miller, Ohio State University, Wooster, OH 2021

Its unique chemistry makes RANMAN the perfect choice to include in your pumpkin disease resistance management program. This is possible because of its compatibility with a wide range of other fungicides.  RANMAN provides excellent protection against Downy Mildew and more. With it being the only fungicide in Group 21, RANMAN makes for an ideal resistance management tool. Click here to learn more about RANMAN 400SC fungicide.

Source: 09-US-F-CV06, Painter, VA 2009

PROLIVO fungicide and RANMAN fungicide are sold exclusively through Helena Agri-Enterprises and Tenkoz Member Companies.

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