New Video from Dr. Eric Tedford Explains the Trifecta Protection and Double Kick-Back Activity of REGEV Hybrid Fungicide

Summit Agro R&D Manager Dr. Eric Tedford has received many questions about the varieties of disease control activity delivered by REGEV, the first hybrid fungicide that unites the disease fighting power of botanical and conventional chemistries. To answer these inquiries, Dr. Tedford has made this short video, aimed at sugar beet growers, but relevant to anyone looking to REGEV for effective disease control. In it, Dr. Tedford explains how the tea tree oil in REGEV offers trifecta protection with preventive, curative and anti-sporulant activities, plus its inclusion of difenoconazole provides growers with double kick-back curative activity.  Additionally, he gives an overview of the eight powerful mechanisms of activity created by the terpenes present in tea tree oil, showing how these mechanisms work with difenoconazole to disrupt the pathogen lifecycle for effective fungal and bacterial disease control. He ends the presentation with a helpful summary of the advantages offered by REGEV that are not found in other triazole fungicides, making it clear why REGEV is an excellent choice for your disease management program.

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Always read and follow label directions. REGEV fungicide may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status. REGEV is a registered trademark of Stockton (Israel) Ltd.